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Report An Incident

The Pride Center of Maryland’s Incident Reporting and Tracking tool as a way to better advocate for our community. In 2019 there have been a lot of advances that protect the sexual and gender minority community. At the same time there are still very real ways in which we get discriminated against. Whether it is a store clerk who asks you to leave a retail space or an armed officer who uses their position to intimidate and harass rather than protect and serve you can use this tool to report the incident. A center staff person will follow up with you.


The Incident Reporting and Tracking Tool will help quantify where these occurrences are taking place and will provide us a stronger platform with which to advocate and protect our community.


Use this online form to report any issue you have faced. You can also call the Pride Center of Maryland at 410-777-8145 to immediately report any and all incidents. The Pride Center of Maryland is here to Unite, Empower and Advocate for all sexual and gender minorities in Maryland. 

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