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Recapping a Season of Joy: Fall Events at The Pride Center of Maryland

This Fall, the Pride Center of Maryland was excited to present Pride events throughout the season. A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who contributed and joined in our activities, ensuring that every event was a success.

Men's Rap The Pride Center hosted dedicated sessions at the Druid Heights Community Center designed to support and uplift men in our community. These sessions were a testament to the power of open dialogue and community bonding.

Harm Reduction Support Group: The transformative series dedicated to harm reduction for men took place at the AmASSI Wellness & Cultural Center. It provided essential support and information, fostering a sense of community and well-being among attendees.

Fitness Program with Davon Kane: Bi-weekly fitness classes were hosted at The Pride Center of Maryland, providing a fun, inclusive, and energetic environment for individuals to work towards their personal fitness goals.

Club Bunns Reunion Part 2: The Cultural Arts Center buzzed with energy during the Club Bunns Reunion. The night was filled with joy, music, and dance, reconnecting people and creating beautiful memories.

Ladies Night Awards: The Pride Center acknowledged the significant role of Black SGL/SGM women in our culture at The Garage. The event was a touching tribute, offering roses in recognition of their immense contributions to the arts.

Pride 2024 Planning Meetings: Enthusiastic discussions about the next year's Pride Festival events took place in a virtual meeting, ensuring that the upcoming celebrations would be as impactful and joyous as possible.

Black Mansion Party: Although not a Pride Center event, part of the proceeds from this electrifying night at 401 W Baltimore St went towards the organization. The night was filled with festivities and surprise guest celebrities honoring the spirit of Blaq Pride.

KIKI 2 - Blaq Pride The Downtown Cultural Arts Center hosted an extravagant VIP event celebrating Black triumph and Baltimore Blaq Pride 23.

My Mile, My Shoes: A series of events at The Pride Center of Maryland encouraged individuals to confront their challenges head-on, shedding light on mental health and the importance of emotional expression.

Community is a VERB: Celebrating the power of community in action, this event at The Pride Center of Maryland included dinner for all attendees, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness.

BLK in Business: The Pride Center celebrated Black-owned businesses in Maryland, creating a space for learning, sharing, and enlightenment.

Back to School Giveaway!: The Pride Center of Maryland and Dollar General teamed up for the 2nd annual Back to School Giveaway, ensuring students were well-prepared for the new school year.

These events were a true reflection of the spirit of inclusivity, community, and celebration. Once again, a big THANK YOU to everyone who made this season unforgettable.



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