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Membership Programs


“We all have dreams. In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.”

Department of Membership and Volunteers Mission: 

To provide community members with the opportunity to earn points, rewards and incentives for prioritizing and strengthening with the following by participating in PCOM programming and events:

  • Their physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness;

  • Their personal, generational and community wealth;

  • Their critical thinking, cultural affirmation and awareness skills;

  • Their connectednesses and service to the Baltimore SGM/LGBTQ community 


Program Support Staff

  • Tramour Wilson, Senior Director of Programming and Strategic Planning 

  • Jeff Sanchez, Director of Communications 

  • London Young, Executive Administrative Assistant to SeniorDirector of Programming and Strategic Planning

  • Drew E. Mitchell, Manager of Community Engagement and Advocacy

  • Sylvia Watson, Membership Coordinator


The Pride Center of Maryland’s Department of Membership and Volunteers Summary:

Historically, the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore (GLCCB) has had one of the most robust SGM/LGBTQIA+ membership, volunteer and internship programs in Baltimore City since 1977. The Pride Center of Maryland continues this tradition by providing community members with points and  incentives that elevate their personal well being as well as membership tier. Community memes earn these points and incentives through engagement with PCOM’s small to large scale community building events, support groups, health clinics, volunteer and public service opportunities under various programs and departments. Engagement with any of the PCOM programs, health clinics, events or volunteer opportunities automatically become members. Community members can also apply to the PCOM membership program as well. 


Volunteer Opportunities

The Pride Center of Maryland offers volunteer opportunities year round to community members, schools, institutions, companies, student and collegiate organizations, professional organizations and more. PCOM offered several volunteering programs including but not limited to:

  • Events 

  • Community Outreach

  • Companion Support Program 

  • Education and Professional Development

  • Research and Focus Groups

  • Administrative Support 


Each volunteer opportunity schedule and requirements will vary depending on availability. All volunteers are required to attend an orientation before participating. 


Internships and Supporting Institutional Research

The Pride Center of Maryland facilitates internships and volunteer credit hours for all students across the United States. Students along with their professors and teachers craft internship opportunities based on the curriculum requirements in order to fulfill their internship credit/requirement for degree attainment.


Additionally, PCOM also supports several doctoral students, research students and research institutions by providing data, facilitating focus groups and collaborating with these students and institutions to ensure the SGM/LGBTQ community is accurately represented in research, policy development and decisions. 


Membership Tier System

The Pride Center of Maryland’s membership program has a 4-tier points system. Members accumulate points by attending events, going to health clinics, volunteering, referrals and participating in programs! As members accrue more points, they can advance their membership tier. Each membership tier includes exclusive access to events, gifts, discounts at local stores and more. See chart below for the breakdown of each tier and the associated benefits.


Point Value System 

  • 50 Points - Volunteering

  • 25 Points - Events

  • 25 Points - HIV/HCV Clinic

  • 25 Points - GPRA Survey

  • 50 Points - COVID-19 Vaccinations

  • 20 Points - Membership Registration 

  • 20 Points - Refer a Friend

  • 20 Points - Program Meetings

  • 1 Point - Donation Item(s) 


Tier 1

0-100 points

$10 Value basket

  • Hygiene set

  • Water bottle

  • Condoms

  • Socks

  • T-shirt

  • Water bottle

Tier 3

300-499 points

Free Hotel Stay


$25 Gift Card


Half off all events

Tier 2

101-299 points

Free Gym Membership

Tier 4


Free drink wristband at Pride Fest Baltimore


Free Chromebook


Free entry to events hosted by the Pride Center

Engagement Opportunities

Community members, professionals, organizations and institutions interested in volunteering and/or becoming members with The Pride Center of Maryland, must complete the application process by completing the Membership and Volunteers Application 

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